3 Things to Look for in an Office Space

3 Things to Look for in an Office Space

An office space should be a reflection of your company’s culture and personality. Your employees and clients look to the space as a measure of success for your company as well. For me, having an open and transparent culture is critical, so it was important to find a space that had that environment. Here are three things we looked for in our new office.

Space for Collaboration.

The days of cubicles are over. A space that invites innovation and bouncing off ideas with coworkers without walls optimizes productivity. What’s better than an “open door policy”? Not even having a door in the first place. My own “office” is really a space amongst Underground Elephant employees, which allows maximum collaboration with my employees.

Exciting Surroundings.

We are located in the heart of East Village, the up-and-coming area of San Diego. Being directly across the street from the Padres Stadium also brings the excitement of game days, the great bars and restaurants that come with being next to a major-league stadium, and lots of foot traffic. Look for a space in an environment that matches your company’s audience.

Eye Catching Design.

Live olive trees, open faced brick, wooden accents, a hidden speakeasy… Our office draws the attention of everyone who walks past, and has won awards for its’ design. The design of your office is worth the extra $; your clients will be impressed and your employees will be proud to show it off.

Naturally, we found a ground-level warehouse in downtown San Diego that we were able to transform into an open and collaborative work space. There are no barriers throughout the space – desk spaces are all out in the open, and there are a multitude of creative working spaces throughout the office that are available to all. 

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