Targeted Advertising on Facebook: Three Quick Tips

Targeted Advertising on Facebook: Three Quick Tips

jason-kulpa-facebookSocial media stands as a new frontier for online advertising, and this notion has only become more recognized through the advent of targeting ads. These ads make use of users’ social media habits, recorded interests, and general location to effectively place ads that are likely to catch their attention. Specifically, Facebook’s ad manager has become a popular tool for advertisers of all skill levels, and even though anyone can quickly make use of its features, its success is still contingent on proper planning, audience analysis, and ad creation.

That said, here are three quick tips for creating targeted ads on Facebook.

Know your goals

Whether it is an increase in website traffic, a jumpstart to your personal brand, or an increase in sales for an online catalog, your general goals will play a major part in shaping your Facebook-based ad. The ads manager caters to a variety of different ad campaigns divided into three primary categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Your designated ad category may alter the information you are prompted to input as you work to finalize your campaign.


Identify and commit to your budget

Facebook’s ad manager allows you to set any budget — for a campaign of almost any duration — and this stands as one of its biggest strengths in terms of campaign personalization. That said, like any advertising campaign, you must first determine your budgetary restraints to ensure you are keeping your campaign financially sound. In the context of the Facebook manager, be sure to indicate this information as soon as possible in the “Budget and Schedule” section — specifically, be aware of whether you want to follow a daily or lifetime budget (mismatching these options could come as an unpleasant surprise down the road — especially if unchecked for a long time).


Don’t cut corners

Cutting corners rarely helps bring a goal to fruition — especially in advertising. However, the Facebook ads manager can technically be utilized in such a manner, as the requirements for ad creatives, audience customizations, and text can be met with minimal effort — if one so chooses. That said, do not settle for mediocre or under-prepared ad content; dedicate time to your project like you would any other ad. Create an eye-catching creative from scratch, or add a unique twist to an image that best fits your campaign. Spend time broadening your target audience with the “custom audiences” tool, indicating similar like pages, locations, and other important targeting factors. If an add is thrown together quickly, it will almost always look like it was thrown together quickly. Restraint, in this regard, is vital.

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